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August 9th 2006 - "The Pond"

From time to time Texas Park & Wildlife collects brood stock out of "The Pond." I have been fortunate to be part of this effort 3 or 4 times. It truly is an honor. They collect Reds, Trout, Flounder at different times of the year, ship them to supplement their brood stock so that our bay system can be filled with game fish. They do an incredible job.

During either Rita or Katrina last year, they lost a good portion of their brood stock. I had the privilege of helping to replenish part of that stock today. It was a great day for the Specks that were collected.

We caught many many Reds and Specks - well they caught specks - I caught Reds. This was the average size - and this fish was just beautiful.
Here is Lynn B. with what he calls a "Bay Carp." (grin) Lynn is a retired Parks and Wildlife Marine Biologists and allows me to tag along when TP&W collects brood stock. This was one of the many reds that were caught on the day.
This was one of the little rat reds we caught - the reason we took his pic was because of his spot pattern. Years ago, the Parks and Wildlife thought that if the bred reds with multiple spots that all the reds that were produced at the hatchery would have multiple spots and they could keep tract of their progress better. They discovered that it didn't work that way - but from time to time you still hear fisherman refer to a multi-spotted red as a Brood Stock Red.

It is a real priviledge to help our Texas Parks and Wildlife collect brood stock. It brings me great joy to do so. I would like to again that Bill Baker and Lance R. for allowing Lynn B. to bring me along to help.