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August 28th - Dillon and Cole on Top Cat

My nephew, Dillon Jacoby, was home from the Coast Guard for a couple of days, so my friend Jerry Thompson - and his daughter Tash - loaded up the "Top Kat" and took us out to the North Jetty looking for some Big Pulls.

It wasn't long before Cole and Dillon were locked into pull after pull fighting 3-4 foot Atlantic Sharpnose Shark. During the day, we caught several Reds, Black Drum, Sheephead, Shark and the catch of the day, a Pilot Fish.

Special thanks for Jerry for allowing us such a great day on the water!

Here is a video of the trip:

This is the first Pilot Fish we have ever picked up at the Jetty.

Jerry played the part of Captain Hard Head ... and Dewey vowed to retain his title on the next trip out! (grin)

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

Dewey and I headed out this morning to chase a dream. With the wind laying down, we scouted a couple of areas for Tarpon. We couldn't find them at all - so we headed back to the Jetty and dropped a few lines for a while.

Unfortunately, we caught the end of a tide and there will next to no tidal movement. Even with that, we caught 1 nice Bull Red, some shark, and then several gaftop, hardhead and croaker. We were surprised that there wasn't more action - but when the tide slacks off - so does most everything else.

Water was mixed and temperature was 82 degrees. We fished honey hole.

2008 Mission Trip Blog Link

Here is the link to the 2008 Panama Mission Trip Blog: Click Here

This blog contains videos, pictures and details of the Mission Trip to Ali Gandi, Atchitupu and Mamitupu.

Panama Fishing Report Second Half

Here is a video of the fishing both in the Pacific and Carribean.

We were able to so some fishing while we were in the Kuna Yalla in Panama. We stayed on the island of Ali Ghandi working there and also on two close islands, Atchitupu and Mamitupu. Each time we went from island to island we trolled.

Honestly, I trolled a Red/White Feather Jig till the feathers almost fell off. Probably 12-15 miles of total trolling. On the other rod I used a Blue/White Rapalla, Red/White Rapalla and Red/White Cedar Plug. Those were the main trolling baits. I also used everything else in my tackle box to no avail.

The water around the islands - from island to island - varies from just a few inches deep to 30 foot. However, I also trolled up to 5 or 6 miles off shore in water (guessing) approaching 1,000 ft. And I NEVER HAD A HIT!!!! I was stunned.

This is my 4th trip to the islands. On previous trips I have seen tons of showering baitfish between islands but this time I just saw it once. I do…