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July Panama - Pedasi and South Frailes Rock

On the first half of my Panama Trip, the weather didn't cooperate very much. Rather than fishing two full days in Pedasi and Frailes Rock - we were blown off the water by storms the first day and then only fished the afternoon - and again lightening storms forced us off the water. So we really fished about 1 full day rather than two.

Be that as it may, we had a good day fishing the South Frailes Rock. It was late in the day when we ran into schools of Yellow Fin Tuna. Each pass we were able to have double hook ups. Most of the Tuna were in the 20-30 lb. range.

We also picked up a few small Durado, Skip Jack Tuna, Sierra, and Bonita. We did not get to go after Rooster Fish - which was disappointing. But with the rain and lightening, there wasn't much we could do about it all.

The area around the Frailes is one of the more beautiful spots I have been. There are pristine beaches, great fishing and wonderful people both in Pedasi and the Frailes. I texted my wife and told…