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Wood Carved Tarpon

This was carved by Lynn Benefield, a retired Marine Biologist and Deacon at Bayshore. It is absolutely stunning. Click on each image for a high-resolution image of each picture.

February 8th - Biblical Fishing Trip

I had the pleasure of fishing with a new friend of Bayshore, Lee Attema aboard his beautiful brand new Glacier Bay. This was only his 3rd trip getting it in the water and man, it was fantastic.
Lee has seen my blog, visited the church, and wanted to put some big ugly drum in the brand new boat. So out we went!

We ended up with a Biblical Fishing trip, "Simon said, "Master, we've been fishing hard all night (day) and haven't caught even a minnow." Luke 5:5 Message Translation.

I was frustrated - I knew it would be slow with the water still a bit too cold, and with the low tide and high pressure - but thought we could at least scare up one or two Big Uglies - but not today! We didn't even have a bite!

It was still a priviledge and a joy to fish with Lee! Hopefully, next trip we will put it on 'em!

February 7th - Fishing With The Thompsons

It was a great day to be on the water. We had 2 boats out today - Jerry Thompson's Boat "Top Kat" and Wayne Hamiltons Boat "Blue Blazer." Jerry and his family have recently become part of the Bayshore Family, so I was anxious to fish with him, his daughters Kristian and Natsha, and his father Mr. Thompson.

Wayne picked up his boat, 22 Whaler, a few months ago and has been getting it ready for it's maiden voyage. It performed like a champ. I fished on the "Kool Kat" and really am looking forward to offshore trips this summer!

The water was about 57 degrees, we fished an outgoing tide. We fished Shrimp Boat, Boat Cut and the Moon Rock. Between the two boats we caught 1 Bull Red, 2 Slot Reds, 1 Puppy Drum, 2 Big Black Drum and 1 undersized flounder. It really was pretty slow, the Black Drum Run hasn't started in earnest yet, but shouldn't be too long.

Here are a couple of pics from Wayne's Boat -- He took them with his Cell Phone. B…