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Gig' Em!!! - And I Don't Mean Flounder!

Man ... I just love this video! Gig Em!

Cartoons that Make Me Grin


October 9th, 2006 - Dennis Smith

It was a great day of fishing. Dennis Smith is the father of our Children's Director at Bayshore. He headed to the Jetty with Dewey and I today to chase some Bull Reds. He had a great time - and caught some of the biggest fish he had ever caught!

Looking at the two ... uh ... elderly men fishing ... I thought it was Dueling PaPas!

Here is the video of the trip!

We started fishing the Moon Rock - it was slow - so we moved out towards the end of the Jetty on the Gulf side. It started slow, but then picked up tremedously.

Wind was ESE at 13-15 - Tide was outgoing but tepid. Bait was cut shad fished on the bottom.

Dewey did his part in catching Reds today! Here are a couple of the many that be boated.

When I wasn't baiting hooks, venting Reds, or releasing fish - I did have time to catch a few Bull Reds. On the day we boated 21 Bull Red and 2 Black Drum. The best thing about the day was putting Dennis on some of the biggest fish he had ever caught! It was a great day!

This was something you don't see everyday. Apparently someone had hooked this Bull Red - probably deep hooked him - so they cut the leader. The Bull processed the leader almost all the way out - all but the hook that was stuck in his ... well ... anus. I was able to remove the hook and I swear I heard the Bull Red say, "Thank you!" (grin)

I think he was probably the happiest Red we have ever released from the boat!

October 6th, 2006 - Shy Zamar & Jamie Walker

Dewey and I had the good fortune of taking out Shy Zamar - my neighbor and Jamie Walker - a friends whose son plays on Nathan's football team out today. We fished a weak outgoing then tepid tide. Winds were ENE at about 15. Water temp was 72.4. It was a joy to have them both on the boat.

We fished from 7:15 to about noon and boated 23 Bull Reds, 1 Black Drum and 1 Small Blacktip Shark. We fished cut shad on the bottom at the Moon Rock.

Here are just a few of the Reds that Shy boated. These were the first Reds that Shy ever caught. He talked some trash on the video to his fishing buddies, "I've caught more fish in 3 hours here today than I have fishing for a year and a half with you guys!" (laughing) He truly had a blast.

Jamie is one of my friends from Church. His son, Bucky, plays on the LaPorte Texans with my boy Nathan. He had a great day on the water. Jamie really enjoyed the fishing.

Tomorrow we are going to enjoy a LaPorte Texan's Victory!

Jamie was did a great job fighting Bull Reds and also 1 big ugly black drum.
These are just a few of the fish he caught on this trip.

Venting A Bull Red or Black Drum

This is a Repost of a previous entry from March 2005 on Venting Reds and Black Drum.

Venting the air bladder on Bull Reds and Big Black Drum.

Right now the Red Drum Run is on. While at the jetty just a few days ago - I saw numerous drum caught - pictures taken - then dumped back in the water - floating belly up because they did not empty the air bladder.

I thought it would be good to post instructions on how to do this so we can assure the survival rate of these fish. Below are the instructions. What I have found that works great is a Turkey Spice Injector - I bought mine at Academy for $3.50. It works great!

Here are directions:

Venting trapped gases from a fish caught from deep water
Use the largest hypodermic needle you can find (#10 or larger) and remove the plunger. Insert hypodermic needle at a 45 degree angle, under a scale, near the tip of the pectoral fin and squeeze the fish gently. You will hear the trapped gases escaping. Make a needle clearing tool from a piece of stainless …

October 3rd, 2006 - Best Day Ever ..... So Far!

It was the most incredible day we have ever had fishing the North Jetty. We literally couldn't keep bait in the water! We would lower the bait to the bottom and wouldn't have to wait but seconds for our rods to go off. It was solid action from 7:20 - 8:30 at the Moon Rock and the it shut down as suddenly as it started.

At 9:15 we moved to the outside of the North Jetty towards the end and it was constant action again until 11:00. We were totally fatigued and left to head back to the house.

Watch the Video of the Action by clicking below!

Here are some more pictures!

Wayne Hamilton fished with us today. It was an incredible day of fishing. The water was 71.6 - wind was 10-12 ESE - we fished an outgoing tide. Spent an hour and a half at the Moon Rock - then spent 2 hours out at Shrimp Boat. We fished cut shad on the bottom.

We caught this Southern Sting Ray - and was very careful with him. Didn't want to end up with the Crocodile Hunter! He was released unharmed - the Ray - not the Hunter.

We caught 2 smaller Black Tip Shark. I thought it would be fun to show you the teeth of one of this small sharks - the teeth may not be large - but they are razor sharp! I definately don't think you would want to lip one of these bad boys!

Here are two of the many Bull Red's I caught on the day. All in all, I believe we caught 53 Bull Reds, 2 Black Tip Shark, 1 Jack, 1 Southern Stingray and 1 - just one - Hardhead. What an incredible day.