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May 31st, 2007 - Dewey Jr's Day of Dominance

When we arrived at the Boat Ramp - it was absolutely overflowing and packed! It looked like a Saturday with all of the Trucks and Trailers! Tomorrow (June 1st) is the first day of the Oberto Red Fish Tournament out of Kemah and there were tons of people prefishing.

Once we were on the water, it was a day of dominance for Dewey Jr. He definitely put it on us today. On the way out to the Jetty, we noticed the wind a little bit out of the north. Apparently that little cold front that came through the night before dumping rain everywhere shifted the wind during the morning hours. In addition, it was a full moon that was looming over us.

The water was very dirty from all the run off we have had over the past few days, the tide was pushing in around the boat cut, but was almost non-existent at the end of the North Jetty. We fished exclusively at the end of the Jetty this morning - it was quite bumpy early, but settled down later in the day.

We hadn't been there very long when Dewey …

Bayshore's Captain John Trip - May 21st

We had 24 friends and members of Bayshore go out with Captain John's Fishing Boats for a one day trip. This was the first offshore fishing trip for many of them. And almost everybody had an exceptional time!

Here is the video from the Trip:

I know they don't look like much ... but you should hear this quartet sing! (grin)Jonathan had a great time ... still bearing the scars from the youth paintball trip!On the way out, it was great to stand on the top deck and chew the fat!

Matt and Josh (bling bling) had a great time!

All I can say is that the door was fine when Tazz got there ... how that changed is a good story. There is the truth ... and then there is my version! (laughing) Somehow with that hat on, I think Tazz would fit in great with the Red Hat Ladies at the Church!

Dennis (Vicki's Dad) with a Spade Fish!
Stanley catching a little Rest and Relaxation!
Micah showing a side of him that we all knew existed! (grin)
Rose is a fish catching Machine!

Here is the king I caug…

FIN-NOR OS85 - Hopper Jigging Rod For Sale.

I bought a Fin-Nor OS 85 and HopperRod - HOPS500FH - 5'8" Jigging Rod from FTU for the Tuna trip I went on last week. On that trip, I caught several snapper (up to 26") and 1 four foot shark with no problem whatsoever. Today I caught several Shark and a 42" Bull Red again with no problem. I have read about gear problems recently, but had not had any problems at all with this rod and reel. It is loaded with about 300 yards of 100lb powerpro. If you have read my previous posts, you will know that I am switching to a totally different Rod and Reel set up for Black Fin Tuna.

So, this rod and reel are up for sale. I have about $275.00 tied up in this combo, but will let it go for $225.00. email me at if you are interested.

May 15th, 2007 - North Jetty

Video of the Trip

It was a beautiful day out at the Jetty today. The water was about 81.5, the tide was very tepid, and it was flat as a pancake. We had several agendas at work on the trip today. Wayne and Dewey wanted to chase trout - so we stayed very close to the rocks on the outside of the Jetty. We also wanted to catch some bait for an upcoming offshore trip on Monday with Captain John, so we spent quite a bit of time at Shrimp Boat picking up whiting and sand trout.

Wayne caught this nice Black Tip Shark and it was a little bit more of a challenge to handle this (and other) sharks - we hadn't put the gaff in the boat this Summer - so we had to use an old scale we had in the boat for a gaff.

Here is a closer picture of the Shark. Wayne also hooked a Spinner Shark that really put on a show. He lept out of the water five or six times, spinning wildly each time. When we got him up to the boat, he was tail wrapped, then made a lunge snapping the line. It was really great to …