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Thursday, May 25th, 2006

Dewey and I snuck away this morning out to the North Jetty. Wind wasn't too bad - but the combination of wind and waves kept us on the outside of the Jetty towards the end. Fished past Shrimp Boat.

There were many boats on the water today ... some closer than others ... but didn't see anyone really tearing the fish up.

We fished the end of an incoming tide and left when the tide slacked up. Water was 77.4 degrees - and very clear early - but grew murkey as the day continued.

This was the first of two Reds on the day. All the rest were Shark.
This was the typical size shark for the day. We caught about 18-20 Atlantic Sharp Nose - with one going to about 4-4.5 feet. We also caught 2 Blacktip Shark - one about 4 ft - the other about 3ft.

The bait of choice today was cut shad, cut mullet and my great fishing buddy Dewey caught some sandtrout and whiting that we fished with. We caught Shark on the bottom - drift lining - and on a balloon line. We caught the Reds on the bottom on cut Whiting.
This was the last Red of the day. He was very healthy and fat - he was about 45-46" long. Again - this is the same pattern that held this time last year - lots of 3-4ft Shark with an occasional Red or Jack mixed in.

The wind should die down in the next couple of weeks - I am looking forward to that.

May 22nd, 2006 - Wayne, Dewey and Me.

For the first time in about three weeks we were able to get out to the Jetties. The wind was ESE at about 10 early - but built through the day. The water was beautiful inside the channel - but to much waves to fish it. It was dirty outside the Jetty - we found some semi-protected water and fished there. Dewey provided us with some fresh whiting caught on dead shrimp.

Cut Shad, Mullet, and Cut Whiting were the baits of choice - we caught 2 Bull Reds and numerous shark.

It was good to be out on the water.
We caught about 15 Shark this size and a bit smaller. Some were bathtub shark - the size of the little plastic shark you play with in the bathtub - (I don't - but Bucksnort says he still does ... grin)

Most all the shark were Atlantic Sharpnose - with the dots down their sides - but there was no real size to them.
Here was the last Red that Wayne caught. It was good to be out on the water, but I will be glad when the wind lays down a bit. All in all - a good day fishing.

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Monday - May 1st, 2006

Dewey, I and Lynn B. headed out to the Jetties this morning. Last night - checked the weather forecasts - South winds at 5 - 10. This morning about 4:30 - rechecked them - South East Winds - 10-15 subsiding later in the day. What we found? Winds 20-25 from the ESE .... so much for weather forecasts!

Fished a strong incoming tide - fished Moon Rock and Cement Ship. Could not get out to the end - too much wind and waves.

It was a bumpy day of fishing. With high pressure dominating - we couldn't find much bait fish - didn't see many birds working - and didn't even see many dolphins working. All that added up to a day of fishing - 1 Bull Red - 2 Atlantic Sharpnose Shark - 10-15 Whiting, Croker, Sandtrout.
Here is a small Atlantic Sharpnose Shark we caught. He was the smaller of the two we caught on the day.