Monday - May 1st, 2006

Dewey, I and Lynn B. headed out to the Jetties this morning. Last night - checked the weather forecasts - South winds at 5 - 10. This morning about 4:30 - rechecked them - South East Winds - 10-15 subsiding later in the day. What we found? Winds 20-25 from the ESE .... so much for weather forecasts!

Fished a strong incoming tide - fished Moon Rock and Cement Ship. Could not get out to the end - too much wind and waves.

It was a bumpy day of fishing. With high pressure dominating - we couldn't find much bait fish - didn't see many birds working - and didn't even see many dolphins working. All that added up to a day of fishing - 1 Bull Red - 2 Atlantic Sharpnose Shark - 10-15 Whiting, Croker, Sandtrout. Posted by Picasa

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