October 6th, 2006 - Shy Zamar & Jamie Walker

Dewey and I had the good fortune of taking out Shy Zamar - my neighbor and Jamie Walker - a friends whose son plays on Nathan's football team out today. We fished a weak outgoing then tepid tide. Winds were ENE at about 15. Water temp was 72.4. It was a joy to have them both on the boat.

We fished from 7:15 to about noon and boated 23 Bull Reds, 1 Black Drum and 1 Small Blacktip Shark. We fished cut shad on the bottom at the Moon Rock.

Here are just a few of the Reds that Shy boated. These were the first Reds that Shy ever caught. He talked some trash on the video to his fishing buddies, "I've caught more fish in 3 hours here today than I have fishing for a year and a half with you guys!" (laughing) He truly had a blast.

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