Dewey goes for Quanity - I go for Quality! April 24th, 2006

Dewey and I headed out to the Jetties today. There was a strong SE Wind in the morning that turned more eastwardly later in the morning. The waves were too much to fish out at the end in the channel - but we were able to find a spot on the leward side of the Jetty. The water temp was 76.1 and we fished a tepid outgoing current

We found some stucture that held some fish and Dewey took out a light rod and began to haul in the sand trout, whiting and croaker. He turned 1/2 pound of dead shrimp into 47 fish (not counting hardheads) with about 40 being keeper size! I kept harassing him about Crappie fishing at the Jetty - but he did provide us with some bait for the big rods.

The first fish that hit my balloon line was a 4 to 5 foot spinner shark. He hit the bait - the jumped clean out of the water. At first my mind thought "Tarpon" - but it is too early - and it was clear that it was a spinner shark. He put on a tremendous show - but I lost him when I chewed through the 100lb test mono leader I had on. I switched to wire after that.

Later I caught this sand shark and then one more black tip shark that went about 3 1/2 foot long.

So basically - Dewey caught about 40 fish that equalled just 1 of mine in weight! I like my way better - far more effecient!

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