September 27th, 2006 - Major Bull Red Action

Dewey and I headed out to the Jetties this morning. It was the first time in quite a while we have been able to get out. The water was 74.5 - with a NE then ENE wind at about 10 - we fished a slack tide - then into a strong outgoing tide. We spent the entire time - from 7 to 12:30 at the Moon Rock.On the day we caught - as best as we can figure - 27 Bull Reds - (1 at 46" and 1 at 48") - about 1/2 Dozen 3-4 foot Black Tip Shark - 2 Gaftop and a couple of Hardheads.
All fish were caught on cut shad fished on the bottom.
This was probably one of the most productive days for Bull Reds we have had on the water.

Here is a video of the trip. Enjoy!

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