11/02/2007 - Coach Ron Whilley & Johnny Lewis

We had a blast on the water today. It was a beautiful day to be on the water. Dewey and I had great guests on the boat with us today. Coach Ron is the coach on my son Nathan's Football Team, "The Undefeated - 9-0 - Sophomore LaPorte Texans. I have been trying to get him on the boat for awhile just to show my appreciation for his work with my son and all the boys on the Texans. He is a great Coach - and even a great man.

He brought Johnny Lewis with him. Johnny and Coach Ron work together - and they trash talked the whole time! They were talking trash even before the first rod went off! And it just got better and better as the day went.

We fished a tepid tide with ENE Winds about 10-15 early. The water was 66 degrees. It has cooled off considerably in the last 2 weeks. Good news for you Flounder Pounders.

Anyway, the first Bull Red of the day came quite expectantly. I was fishing with a small rod with shrimp, trying to get some whiting, croaker, or sandtrout for bait when I set the hook and the fight was on. It reminded me of when Dewey and I started fishing for Bull Reds several years ago using small rods and 12lb test line. Anyway, after a good fight, I boated the Bull Red. He was about 34 inches. I looked around and there was Coach Ron and Johnny looking at me like ... "Hey ... I thought we were going to catch the fish!" I thought my son would never make it off the bench and into the game again. I apologized profusely and felt much better when the rods began going of pretty consistently for the rest of the day.

We fished the Moon Rock and then moved to Tarpon One. Most of the action was at Tarpon One in about 28 foot of water. On the day, we boated 10 Bull Reds with Johnny catching one more than Coach Ron. But ... uh ... Coach Ron's was bigger! (I gotta keep my boy in the game!)

It really was a great day on the water and it was great to see the guys catching their first Bulls!

Here is the video for the day:

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