Progreso Mexico - Cruise Fishing

My family and I were fortunate to take a 5-day Cruise on Carnival Ecstasy out of Galveston January 7th-12th. On this cruise we had stops at Progreso and Cozumel. While the fishing is better in Cozumel, as a family we made reservation at Chakanaub Park to swim with the dolphins - see video below.

That left fishing for Progreso. I asked many questions, did alot of searching to find Oscar Escobedo who arranged a fishing trip for us in Progreso. He picked us up at the end of the Progreso Pier and drove us about 20 minutes to the marina we fished out of. The boat was a 27ft Fiberglass Panga that was about 6ft across. It had a Yamaha 200 on it - plenty boat for us to fish out of.

We went out about 20 miles - PaPo (Baltazar) the captain had a hand-held GPS and anchored on over some large structure that held fish. We caught Bee-liners, Strawberry Grouper, Rock Grouper, Spade Fish, Spanish Macs, and a huge String Ray.
I also saw a school of Cobia floating along the top ... casted to them to no avail. We fished for about 2 1/2 hours with plenty of time to get back to Progreso and then back on the boat.

This was Oscar's second time to provide this fishing charter. All was fantastic but there were 2 improvements that needed he will make on future trips. First, I was the only on with a Rod and Reel. I brought it with me, the rest of the fishing was done by hand line. There was a breakdown in communication, but Oscar assured me this would be remedied on all future trips. Secondly, PaPo and his crew spoke very limited English - not a problem, but frustrating none the less.

At this point, I believe this is one of the few, if not the only chance to book fishing in Progreso. With the town really not being a shopping haven, and if you don't wish to do the Myan Ruins - it is a viable option.

Oscar's email is: or If you contact him, tell him I sent you - he really is a great guy. Here is a link to his website: I think you will enjoy your trip! Without a doubt, I will fish with him again next Cruise!

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