June 17th - Sharks, Sharks, Sharks and That's All

Dewey, Wayne, John Rayborn and I headed out to the Jetty to see what we could catch. It has been a good while since we have been out, but today was really a great day. Wind laid down, waves were all but non-existent, water was about 85 degrees and there really wasn't much of ab outgoing tide.

We started out to the right of the Jetty Pole at the end, moved to the Cement Ship and then ended up at the Moon Rock. We caught various croaker, whiting, hardheads and about half-a-dozen shark. None of the shark were of significant size.

We went out in Wayne's Boat, it is running great and Wayne is like a proud poppa!

One note - the moon was about full last night - could have had an effect on the bite - plus prime spots at the end were filled with boats.

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