August 28th - Dillon and Cole on Top Cat

My nephew, Dillon Jacoby, was home from the Coast Guard for a couple of days, so my friend Jerry Thompson - and his daughter Tash - loaded up the "Top Kat" and took us out to the North Jetty looking for some Big Pulls.

It wasn't long before Cole and Dillon were locked into pull after pull fighting 3-4 foot Atlantic Sharpnose Shark. During the day, we caught several Reds, Black Drum, Sheephead, Shark and the catch of the day, a Pilot Fish.

Special thanks for Jerry for allowing us such a great day on the water!

Here is a video of the trip:

This is the first Pilot Fish we have ever picked up at the Jetty.

Jerry played the part of Captain Hard Head ... and Dewey vowed to retain his title on the next trip out! (grin)

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