This was a Jack Crevalle that was a nice break from the sharks. He weighed in at a little under 19 lbs. Shortly after this - I hooked something I fought for about 20 minutes all around the boat - then it went deep - and stayed there. Eventually - we lifted anchor and went to where the fish went down - either it wrapped my line around something - or was a huge Ray that attached himself to the bottom - but after 5 minutes of being unable to move any line - I wrapped and broke the line. Whatever it was - it was quite large.

But the story of the day was "The One that Got Away." While we were fishing - a Ling/Cobia saddled up next to the boat. He had to be a good 5 foot long. He was huge. We were so startled to see him - we froze - and he slid away. He appeared again about 15 minutes later - and before we could get any bait at him - he was gone again.

The the cut shad line took off - we thought it was a Shark - a big shark - but still - didn't swim high like a Jack - but then it surfaced - it was the Ling/Cobia! He was huge! He came up out of the water - flopped over - big splash - then he sounded - down deep and out - good heavy fight - then he came to the surface again - big splash! Off he went again - but without as much bluster - I was planning the pics - wondering how on earth we were going to get him in the boat - and wondering if it was legal to keep him. He came up again - swirled - and we began to move him toward the boat - he was whipped - we had him - 20 ft. left to the boat - then it happened - he lunged one more time - and the hook pulled out.

I hollered with the anguish of William Wallace in Braveheart. Every boat within earshot thought I had died. It was brutal - I still have a sick feeling in my stomach.

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