Thursday, May 19th, 2005

It was a beautiful day - winds out of the SE about 10 - and the water was as clear and pretty as I have seen it in a long time. We fished the end of the outgoing tide. On the day we caught 1 Shark - about 4 foot long. 3 Reds - all about 32 inches long. And 1 Speckled Trout - 25 inches long. We still haven't been able to find the Bull Reds like we have been able to in the past. But still - a good day fishing.

Right at the end of the day - I was fishing with one of my smaller rods and reels - I was freelining Croaker - and was promptly spooled - my guess is that is was a large Jack. Took off like a train - and I had no chance of turning it with that rig.

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