July 28 - Full House - Jacks full of Sharks with a Ray Kicker.

We had a great morning of fishing. While fishing the Jetty - we could see something tearing up the water - scattering fish - we were hoping Tarpon (although I have never seen one roll or chase bait) for some have been spotted - and even jumped recently at the Jetty. I took a large - heavy spoon and flung it as far as I could toward the action. A few cranks and he slammed the spoon and the fight was on

Although we didn't catch any Reds, on the day I caught 3 Jack Crevalle, 2 nice 4 foot shark, and a 3 1/2 - 4 foot ray. I did see one fish jump - either a large Spanish mackerel, lady fish, king fish or small tarpon - cleared the water - but is was over 100 yards away - so really couldn't tell.

Still searching for that illusive Tarpon this year. (smile)

Click Here for the video
of some of the fishing. (The video does not work with Firefox - one day I will figure out why.)

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