October 13th, 2005 - Wayne Hamilton

It was a beautiful day at the Jetty. After a late start - I went to Dads and Donuts at Nathan's (my youngest son) school - we fished for a while in some really dirty water. At that point we couldn't move further out because of the wind and waves. Later in the day we were able to move out further toward the end - but still it was kinda bumpy.

The water was 78 degrees - and there was weak tidal movement. On the day, we caught about 15 Bull Reds - 1 three-foot blacktip shark and a couple of gafftop and hardhead. All was cut on cut shad.

This first fish I caught on Dewey's Pole. I was sitting next to it - talking with Dewey - when it went off. I grabbed it - tried to hand it to Dewey - and he just looked at him - made no attempt to get the rod. Well! You didn't have to tell me twice!!! Might have been his rod - but it was MY FISH! (laughing) Dewey may tell some variation of this story - but mine is accurate! (grin)

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