June 5th - Monday Afternoon

Dewey and I headed out this afternoon to see what we could get into. Tide was slack early the strong outgoing later - water was beautiful - very little chop on the water - and I forgot to check the temperature of the water.

We fished the inside of the channel at the end of the North Jetty for about 3 hours. We caught several Spanish Mackerels, several shark and one very large Stingray. I don't know what kind of stingray it was - but it was not a cownose.

The shark ranged in size from 3-4.5 foot - the largest was a nice Sand Shark. We brought home a 4 foot blacktip and the Sand Shark and gave it to one of my church members..

Normally there are pictures - but the battery went dead on the camera - so no pics today.

Saw some real fancy-pant boats all logoed up - guess for an upcoming tournament. Sure were pretty. (grin)

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