March 10th, 2007 - Mike Varnell

Here is a Video of Saturday's Trip

We had a great day at the Jetty today. Normally we don't fish on Saturdays, but today we had a special guest on the boat with us. Mike Varnell, one of the great deacons of Bayshore Baptist was able to head out with us today. We have been trying to get Mike out for quite some time and Saturday was the day. Mike enjoys fishing, but had never been on a trip quite like this.

We got on the water about 7:30 and found a strong incoming tide. Water was about 63 degrees, wind was mild out of the south and the moon phase was half-moon. We fished Moon Rock exclusively and caught all fish on cracked crab.
Mike hooked this Huge Black Drum - tipping the scales at well over 50lbs. This by far was the biggest fish Mike had ever caught. He did a great job fighting this fish - the current added fight to all the fish today.
You get a little bit better idea of the size of this big ugly!
On the day, Mike caught 4 nice drum. He commented that he certainly smelled like he had been fishing! Between Drum Slime, Shad, and Crab Guts ... the boat and the fishermen were well ... quite filthy and stinky!
This black drum had a beautiful golden color on him!
Several months ago I picked up some 9 foot Shimano Rods and I really like fishing with them. Dewey Jr. was certainly all bowed up when he was fighting this Black Drum!
It was good to have Dewey Jr. back on the boat. Here is another one of the Drum he caught.
This must have been a Female that was full of eggs.

This might have been the largest Black Drum Dewey Jr. caught on the day.
Dewey Jr. caught this Bull Red on cracked crab and even though we use 9/0 to 12/0 circle hooks, occasionally a fish gets hooked deep. Dewey Jr. tried in vain to get the hook out - the fish was tagged and Mike took it home to grill.

Dewey did get in on the action today. He caught this all by himself - and Dewey Jr. gave him a hand in holding this big bad boy up. It was one of four over 50 pound drum we caught on the day.
Dewey didn't catch any hard heads today ... but since we vent all the Bull Reds and Black Drum, he did ask if I knew how to vent any hard heads he may catch! (grin)
Here is the only picture they were willing to take of me today! I caught 4 Drum - 1 was well over 50 pounds. I probably could have caught more, but between rigging, boating, venting, baiting and taking pictures, it was difficult to get much fishing in! (laughing)

It really was a great day to be on the water!

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