April 11th, 2007 - Average Day

It was a blustery windy day early Wednesday when we arrived at the North Jetty. The water was about 67-68 degrees - it had warmed after the Strong Norther we had during Easter. The wind was more from the West - pehaps West North West at about 15 when we arrived. It settled down to just a whisper later in the morning.

We ventured out to the end of the North Jetty and found a strong outgoing tide. Even though it is really early for a balloon line, I set one out with a shad dangling temptingly underneath it at about 6 foot. It had not takers for the hour or so it was out.

We fished crab and cut shad on the bottom with limited success, so we shifted to the outside of the North Jetty - close to Shrimp Boat - trying to see if we could catch some whiting or sand trout for cut bait. We only had hard heads on the smaller lines with dead shrimp.

We then shifted back out to the inside of the Jetty to a bit more shallower depth and again found limited success on both the crab and shad.

Later in the morning, the water glassed over as the wind died down and the sun shown brightly. The the weather improved, the fishing did not.

On the day, we caught 5 Black Drum and 1 Bull Red.

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