Fish Identification

Several people have chimed in about the fish I caught in Panama. There is some discussion whether this fish is a Spanish Mac or a Cero Mac. The one of the top is the one I caught - the bottom one is a Cero Mac I found on the net. Notice that mine doesn't have the definitive line through his body.

The Other fish without a doubt is the Houndfish - a member of the Needlefish Family.

Needlefishes are very elongate with long pointed jaws bearing numerous needle-like teeth; there are no spines in the fins; the dorsal and anal fins are posterior on the body; the lateral line passes along the lower side.

These fishes are surface-dwelling and protectively colored green or blue on the back and silvery below; some species have green bones. They feed mainly on small fishes.

When frightened, as by a predator or approaching boat, or confused by a light at night, they may leap and skitter at the surface. People have been injured by being struck by the larger needlefishes, and fatalities have been reported.

Green on the back, silvery below; a blackish keel on side of caudal pedunde; body slender in juveniles, progressively less elongate in adults; jaws relatively shorter with growth; anterior part of dorsal and anal fins elevated. The largest of the needlefishes; attains at least 53 inches (135 cm).

Worldwide in warm seas, usually in coastal waters.This living javelin is a hazard to those using a light at night.

What I can tell you is that they are mean ... and fight well! Thanks for all the comments!

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