March 5th - Fishy Trip?????

Dewey, Wayne and Jerry headed out in Wayne's Blue Bayou (24 ft Whaler) Wednesday morning to see if there were some drum to be had. I wasn't able to go - so I can't vouch for the report, or the pictures. (not that my vouching carries all that much weight either)

Wind was out of the SSE at about 15 - wasn't much water at first because of the strong north winds over the last couple of days. Water was right at 61 degrees. Tide was incoming.

Now for the strange part. While these guys emailed me pics of each of them holding "the fish they caught" - there are errie similarities of the fish in each pic! (grin) Now - this has never been a problem when I fish with them - then again - when I fish - we catch more than one fish! Anyway .... here are the pics in question!

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