February 23rd - Foggy Foogy Day

Dewey and I braved the fog for a fishing trip Friday Morning. The forecast was to be in the mid 60's - with winds of 10-15 mph wind - and possible fog. Somehow, it didn't sound that bad. So off we went. When we were on the water, it was mid 50's - East Wind 15-20mph - in the middle of a fog bank. Quite honestly, it was pretty miserable.

We GPS'd our way through the fog to the jetty - fished for about 1 hour - water was about 56 with a strong incoming tide. We fished cracked crab and cut shad on the bottom - about 28 foot of water at the Moon Rock.

We had 2 runs - one came unbuttoned and the other was a nice Bull Red.

After a cup of hot coffee, I mention to Dewey that we could either sit around in the "wonderful weather" and wait for another run or we could call it a day - head back in - and sit in the heated seats of my Durango.

We choose to leave and head back in. It was one of those days that we probably wouldn't have gone had we been fishing in a while ... but we hadn't so we did.

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