Bayshore's Captain John Trip - May 21st

We had 24 friends and members of Bayshore go out with Captain John's Fishing Boats for a one day trip. This was the first offshore fishing trip for many of them. And almost everybody had an exceptional time!

Here is the video from the Trip:

I know they don't look like much ... but you should hear this quartet sing! (grin)Jonathan had a great time ... still bearing the scars from the youth paintball trip!On the way out, it was great to stand on the top deck and chew the fat!

Matt and Josh (bling bling) had a great time!

All I can say is that the door was fine when Tazz got there ... how that changed is a good story. There is the truth ... and then there is my version! (laughing) Somehow with that hat on, I think Tazz would fit in great with the Red Hat Ladies at the Church!

Dennis (Vicki's Dad) with a Spade Fish!
Stanley catching a little Rest and Relaxation!
Micah showing a side of him that we all knew existed! (grin)
Rose is a fish catching Machine!

Here is the king I caught.
Rose's Dad with his kingfish!
Wayne with his fish. I think it is the only fish he caught all day long! (laughing) All the rest of the fish he took home were caught by Rose!

The Son's of Thunder and their fish!
We had a fantasic trip. Special thanks to Captain Tony Langston who was the Captain of the boat. He put us on fish right off the bat. Deckhands Ben and Dan took great care of our people and did an exceptional job. Even Tony the Galley Master did great! He cooked the best burgers on the boat and he was a great kingfish smasher! (grin)

We look forward to going out again with Captain John.
I highly recommend them!

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