May 15th, 2007 - North Jetty

Video of the Trip

It was a beautiful day out at the Jetty today. The water was about 81.5, the tide was very tepid, and it was flat as a pancake. We had several agendas at work on the trip today. Wayne and Dewey wanted to chase trout - so we stayed very close to the rocks on the outside of the Jetty. We also wanted to catch some bait for an upcoming offshore trip on Monday with Captain John, so we spent quite a bit of time at Shrimp Boat picking up whiting and sand trout.

Wayne caught this nice Black Tip Shark and it was a little bit more of a challenge to handle this (and other) sharks - we hadn't put the gaff in the boat this Summer - so we had to use an old scale we had in the boat for a gaff.

Here is a closer picture of the Shark. Wayne also hooked a Spinner Shark that really put on a show. He lept out of the water five or six times, spinning wildly each time. When we got him up to the boat, he was tail wrapped, then made a lunge snapping the line. It was really great to see such a grand show.
I honestly am not for sure what this fish is - Perhaps a pompano? It favored a small Jack Crevalle, but the fins weren't right.
Dewey started off the day catching this Rat Red up against the rocks while fishing for trout. While we usually don't take pictures of such small fish, we weren't for sure Dewey would catch anything else the rest of the day. All day long, there was only 1 hardhead caught ... you guessed it, Dewey the Hardhead King struck again! (grin)
This was the only Bull Red we caught on the day. I caught him on Cut Shad fished on the bottom. His color was very golden, he was really a beautiful fish.
We caught two Cow Nose Rays on the day. This was the larger one. Fighting these are alot of fun. With the water so clear, we also saw several swimming through the water. Although these are great for Bull Shark bait, we let both of them loose.

Here is a closer pic of the Cow Nose Ray.

This was a huge Jack Crevalle we caught. These are probably the most fierce fighting fish we catch at the Jetty. If you aren't geared for them, the can be tackle busters!

Wayne also caught several Spanish Mackerel while fishing live shrimp up against the rocks. With all the efforts to catch Specks, it just wasn't to be. On the day, we caught several nice shark, 1 Bull Red, 1 Jack Crevalle, 8 Spanish Mackerel, 2 Cow Nose Ray, Several Whiting, 1 Rat Red and of course, Dewey's obligatory hardhead.

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