December 21st, 2004 - Fishing Trip - Nasty Weather

The weatherman missed today. Our understanding was that the high winds and rain would move in late in the afternoon - however - apparently the weather did not see the forecast. We were blown off the Jetty - we fished the outside of the Jetty for protection from the wind and 6-8 ft swells. Then the rain started. Needless to say - Dewey Sr., Dewey Jr. and myself had the sense not to stay very long.

Let me restate that ... Dewey Sr. and Dewey Jr. had the good sense not to stay long - they offered to leave me at the end of the Jetty to continue fishing - but I had the good sense to go in with them.

It was quite trechorous at the end of the Jetty - even on the leeward side. So we move far down the Jetty and fished at the sunken concrete ship. We had not fished that spot in a long time.

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