December 8th, 2004 Fishing Trip

Well - It finally happened. Dewey outfished me! He caught one red and one drum - - I just caught one red. BUT MY RED WAS BIGGER! (grin) . . . I caught this Bull Red - he was about 44" long. The water was good - but about 65 degrees. We fished the end of the outgoing tide and the beginning of the incoming tide. It was slow slow slow fishing. We caught both reds within about 20 minutes of one another. I keep saying we aren't going back to fish for Bull Reds till next year's run - - but we still go.

Ningbo Reel Update - I caught this Red on the new Ningbo Reel I talked about in the last fishing trip. I do not like the drag. It is "jerky" and not smooth like the Shimano's I have. It handled the Red I caught fine - but I just don't like the drag as well. However, it is a good reel for the $25.00 I paid for.

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