December 2nd, 2004 Fishing Trip

Here is the Red that I caught. Kinda awkward - but was about to be pitched over the side of the boat with waves. This Red measured 49" and weighed in at 51 pounds! It is the largest Bull Red to date.

Two good things about the trip. We tried out some new leaders with new swivels I made and a bit heavier to stay on the bottom during strong tide - and I was able to try out a new Ningbo BX3000 Baitrunner Fishing Reel I picked up on EBay. I wanted to try this reel out to see if I might pick a couple more up for next years trips when we take people fishing for the Bull Red Run. Unfortunately, I didn't hook a Red on the Reel - but all indications are that it will function well. Not bad for $24.51.

This may be the last time for a while we make it out to the Jetties for Bull Reds. I think we are going to concentrate on a few places in the bay for some slot reds between now and when the Bull Red run begins in 2005. However, we may head out for the Spring Drum Run. We will keep posting our fish here though - so keep checking back in.

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